Weymouth Diving - Lamlash and previously Wey Chieftain.

The new boat, Lamlash, is currently being converted for use as a liveaboard and will be in operation very soon - from about April/May 2007. Lamlash will be available for charter as the whole boat by groups of up to 12 divers throughout the summer season. Keep an eye on the website for updates on information about the boat, or to see information about the previous boat, Wey Chieftain.


Grahame has twenty years diving experience and fifteen years experience as a dive boat owner/operator, specialising in deep wreck location and identification as well as use and interpretation of siddescan sonar. Grahame has been chartering Wey Chieftain to scuba divers for years and can also arrange accommodation for customers, parking, culinder filling (air, mixed gas) and diving supplies.


See the website for more information on diving with Weymouth Diving.


Schedule and availability.

Contact Grahame for availability to book charters throughout 2007.

Contact details:
Skipper: Grahame Knott
Boat Names: Wey Chieftain and new boat Lamlash.
Address: Telephone Boat/Mobile: 07966 242460
Telephone Office: 01305 771371
E-mail: grahame@weymouthdiving.com


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